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Most viewers and fans don’t know this but I began marketing Macabre Theatre in 1999. Conceptually the idea was to create a show where viewers could watch their favorite classic/cult horror films with a 21st century twist. The movies would be public domain but I would bring a new flavor by also showcasing some never before seen on broadcast titles such as Dario Argento’s, Unsane, Deep Red and some Bava flicks.

I have been told I am intellectual horror fan although I find that in itself funny as my background is improv comedy. The hook was showcasing these beloved titles such as the classic “Night of the Living Dead”  which was actually my first show that aired on KDOC Channel 56 in Los Angeles, in the dungeon with my co-host Butch Patrick also known as Eddie Munster. Who better to host horror movies than Butch Patrick the original Eddie Munster and myself Ivonna Cadaver. As it turns out people thought it was a pretty good idea. The show was launched in Los Angeles October 31st 2002 on KDOC’s Channel 56. I always knew the show would make it to the entertainment capital of the world but the truth be known I never imagined it would be launched from here. The reception of the show was almost immediate and a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Wearing both hats as an Executive Producer and Ivonna was a little trying at times but a hell of a lot of fun! I felt Butch would carry the show but never imagined Ivonna would take too. The buzz was Los Angeles was in search of someone and something to fill the much needed gap and this was the show to do that.


Macabre Theatre was nationally syndicated in 2005 to current date in 164 markets and internationally debuted for a three show test market in 52 countries. We have done 3 major Halloween Specials one of which was an homage to  Universal Studios classic Horror films as well as their current titles such as the Chucky franchise, James Gun’s Slither and Peter Jackson’s King Kong at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood California as well as the Egyptian Theatre and the Hancock Theatre on Universal’s lot. In fact that is a huge factor in my show and will be in future shows, showcasing red carpet DVD releases and red carpet events for the big Studios such as Universal Studios, Sony and Paramount pictures. My show caters directly to their fans and is a wonderful addition to my show. Other signature segments of my show include Goth Trivia and GSN “Ghoul Shopping Network”, although in the earlier shows GSN featured mock products that were Macabre in nature and had a comical flair the new shows for the re-launch will include real products such as DVD’s and other merchandize that can actually be purchased by our viewers, something I thought of in the very early stages of conception, but all things must evolve and have.


Who is Ivonna Cadaver?


Ivonna Cadaver is a 21st century ghoul. In being a 21st century ghoul one has to imagine why would a 21st century ghoul that has access to the internet in the dungeon even consider wearing the same outfit, same clichés, same hairstyles? Initially I created her to fill a much needed niche and as she evolved I wanted her to break all the boundaries and standards of characters like her in the past. Lilly, Morticia, Vampira and yes Elvira. I have a considerable amount of respect for all of them but I really created Ivonna from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes to be what I wanted her to be, unique in respect. Her hair really is black, there are 6 to 8 wardrobe changes in each show and hairstyles to fit as well as unique looks for special events and red carpet premiers and DVD releases. One thing that does seem to remain constant is the “fishnets”. Ivonna loves her fishnets… Being invited to perform at Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2 years in a row was also a thrill in the fact that it is validation that what you are doing is moving in the right direction. They are all wonderful over there and welcomed me with open arms. My second show there was an amazing experience performing with several dancers brought in from shows from Vegas by my Director and my music was produced by Madonna’s live producer Marcus Brown. We re-created and parodied Katie Perry’s song “I Kissed a Girl” to I Kissed a Ghoul” and I performed it live many nights at Knott’s.  I will always be grateful for that relationship.


All the premiers and red carpet events set aside Ivonna Cadaver is in essence the “Ghoul next Door” the ghoul you could shoot the shit with on a Friday night. Aside of the movies which I poke fun of situations and myself but I don’t really make fun of because some are just too damn good like Argento. I am really making fun of myself and having fun with pop culture. The truth of the matter is “I am looking directly into the camera at my viewers and fans  and simply saying this is some funny shit isn’t you guys?” It’s no more complicated than that. I don’t want it to be. Ivonna loves her fans and loves that relationship.




As the show and the character revealed in its success I felt it was time take some time off for a re-invention.  Baring in mind that I really never made fun of the movies just myself and had fun with  pop culture I felt that Ivonna Cadaver and Macabre Theatre should take the series and  re-launch to the next  level. “The Horror Genre has matured well beyond the respect it is currently being shown in the independent realm and that is why the new Face of Macabre Theatre and Ivonna Cadaver is just what Horror Fans will embrace.

Featuring Ivonna Cadaver

Macabre Theatre hosted by Ivonna Cadaver will feature all NEW quality independent Horror titles and give these independent film makers the exposure they deserve the first of which will feature  R Squared Films and there film makers. Viewers can watch  stellar quality independent feature films, interviews with the filmmakers and its  stars throughout Hollywood and red carpet premiers as well as other key locations and viewers will be able to  purchase DVD’s of their favorite nationally broadcast episode as well as many other outlets to be announced.” The new relationship with CEO, Buzz Remde and R Squared films is groundbreaking and one in which we are all very excited about” says Popovich. “Macabre Theatre in its new format will set the standard and raise the bar of what this type of programming and Horror Host/Correspondent should and will be.


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